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Opsin Pro Team and Sponsorship Application


2022 Opsin Pro Team and Sponsorship Application

We're looking to recruit a team of anglers that share the same strong passion and want to represent our fishing products. Looking for ways to get on board with the Opsin Pro Team?

If you're a …

  • Deck Hand
  • Charter Boat Captain
  • Tournament Angler
  • Industry Influencer
  • Weekend Fishing Warrior
… you could be partnering with Opsin Fluorocarbon. So please read through and fill out the application for consideration to join the 2022 Opsin Pro Team.



Opsin Pro Team Expectations

Opsin Pro Team and ambassadors are active fishing enthusiasts who enjoy sharing their passion with fellow anglers.

As ambassadors of the brand, pro-team and ambassadors represent Opsin's values and passion for outdoor sports. The Opsin Pro Team fishes with Opsin products to create content for social channels and promote brand awareness.

As an Opsin Pro Team member, consider the following collaborative efforts to keep your gear coming.

  • Create a video review or youtube vlog featuring fluorocarbon line.
  • Be cool and humble. Be the angler that promotes Opsin fluorocarbon line by taking a moment to help someone that's been missing the bite all day with their rental rod setup. The influencer who shares a few yards of Opsin fluorocarbon line and quickly ties their favorite knot is more helpful to us than a "pro" fisherman who talks about GPS coordinates and the 300-pound tuna they almost landed.
  • A few social media posts of you using Opsin products (video is huge this year) Posts should be tagged with the Opsin hashtag #opsinusa #opsinwins
  • Create an objective product review on Amazon, sharing your experience with an Opsin product. Attaching photos or video is an added help!
  • Represent Opsin at tournaments, lectures or events. Placing an Opsin logo somewhere visible and relevant makes our loins tingle. Reach out for an Opsin hat, hoodie, jacket, patch, boat sticker—we're here to help with any of that. Just let us know what you need.
  • Provide suggestions on Opsin product improvement. Think of yourself as an extension of our research and design team. As you test out products, you'll tell us what works and what doesn't.



Pro Team Benefits

  • Seasonal packages of Opsin fluorocarbon line and apparel.
  • Deep discounts and/or free products.
  • Opportunities for additional products or financial sponsorship when representing Opsin in tournaments, lectures, or trade shows.

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