15lb .33mm, 100 yd



Introducing the Opsin 15 lb Fishing Line, a versatile powerhouse designed to cater to a wide range of angling adventures. Whether you're aiming to fill your cooler with mahi, stealthily targeting line-shy stripers, or on the hunt for your next personal best largemouth bass, this line is your go-to choice.

Key Features of the Opsin 15 lb Line:

  • Versatile 15 lb Test Strength: Perfectly balanced for a variety of fishing conditions, offering the right blend of strength and sensitivity.
  • Slim .33mm Diameter: Provides a low profile in the water, ideal for fooling cautious fish while maintaining sufficient strength.
  • Slow Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: Our line is crafted through a slow extrusion process in Japan, ensuring the highest quality and performance with every cast.
  • Hand Spooled and Packaged in Southern California: Each spool reflects our unwavering commitment to craftsmanship and quality, guaranteeing a product you can trust.
  • Interlocking Spools for Organizational Ease: Our innovative spools are designed for your convenience, ensuring your gear remains orderly and easily accessible.
  • Available in 100 Yards, with 200 Yards Coming Soon: Offering lengths to suit your specific fishing needs, whether for short sessions or longer expeditions.

The Opsin 15 lb Fishing Line is not just a tool; it's a bridge to a multitude of fishing successes. It's engineered to be sensitive enough to feel the lightest nibble, yet strong enough to handle the spirited fight of a largemouth bass. The line's low visibility makes it an excellent choice for targeting line-shy species, while its strength ensures you're well-equipped for the energetic runs of mahi.

Embark on your next angling adventure with the confidence that comes from using Opsin's 15 lb line. It's the perfect companion for anglers who appreciate the art of versatility and the thrill of diverse catches. Experience the joy of fishing with a line that's as adaptable as your passion.

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