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Opsin Fluorocarbon Line

Opsin is one of the highest performing fluorocarbon leader lines on the market, and sets the standard for quality and performance in angling.

Opsin 100% fluorocarbon lines are created in Japan using an advanced method known as slow extrusion. Creating a line with exceptionally low visibility and amazing tensile strength, while offering one of the smallest diameters on the market.

The deadly combination of cloud free low visibility line, that also features a small diameter, knot strength, and tensile strength provides anglers the edge needed when dealing with cautious fish and clear water conditions, leading anglers to consistent success.

Along with the angling benefits that the line provides, every inch of Opsin fluorocarbon leader line is meticulously inspected, hand spooled, packed, and shipped in the United States. Supplying jobs and ensuring that anglers receive the highest quality line on the market today.


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