40lb .55mm


Step into a realm of unmatched angling prowess with Opsin Fluorocarbon, where every detail is engineered for anglers who settle for nothing but the best. 

  • 40lb Test Strength: Harness the raw power of Opsin Fluorocarbon, crafted for the angler aiming to outmatch the most formidable adversaries in the water. This 40lb test line offers unparalleled strength, ready to secure your legendary catch.
  • .55mm Diameter: Meticulously designed to blend formidable power with ultimate stealth, this line offers the perfect diameter for ensuring invisibility to the wariest fish while maintaining the muscle to bring them to heel.
  • Slow-Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: Immerse yourself in the pinnacle of line craftsmanship with our slow-extruded fluorocarbon, celebrated for its ghost-like invisibility and superior tensile strength. This process guarantees a line that's not only tougher but also ensures your knots hold tight under pressure.
  • Interlocking Spools for Seamless Organization: Revolutionize your tackle box with our ingeniously designed interlocking spools, ensuring your line remains neat and accessible, ready to spring into action when the water calls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Javier Lopez
Great fluorocarbon!!

Was running low. Had to order more!
Definitely recommend!


I feel like I’m catching 10 times more fish. Bluefin, Yellowfin and Yellowtail.
My Favorite eating fish !

Alan Jaimez
Great product

Love this product

George Robinson
Fantastic Product

The 40lb fluorocarbon line worked well on bluefin and surface iron yellowtail fishing. I am now using this line for deep water yoyo yellowtail, lingcod and other rockfish. I also use, 15lb thru 130lb Opsin Fluorocarbon fishing line.


Very good product. Have now used 15,20,25,30,35,40,&50 with success. Have 60 too but unused. All have superior knot strength and smaller line diameter than competitors. Got 5 bluefin and 6 yellowfin on my most recent trip using opsin!