20 lb .37mm, 100yd


Opsin is thrilled to unveil our latest innovation in high-performance fishing gear: the Opsin 20 lb leader line. This line is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence and the relentless pursuit of the ultimate fishing experience. Designed with the sophisticated angler in mind, it's your secret weapon for those trophy catches and challenging pursuits.

  • Versatile 20 lb Test Strength: Whether casting heavy swimbaits for largemouth bass or finessing yellowtail, this line offers the versatility needed for a wide range of techniques, ensuring you're prepared for whatever the water presents.
  • Ultra-Thin .37mm Diameter: Achieve superior bait presentation with an impressively low diameter. Ideal for stealthy approaches in clear waters, this feature significantly enhances your ability to deceive wary fish.
  • Proven Fluorocarbon Formula: Leverage the trusted strength of our esteemed 25lb line formula, known for its capability to land giants over 80lbs, now optimized for the 20 lb line to offer unmatched reliability and performance.
  • Slow Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: Immerse yourself in the unparalleled quality of our slow-extruded fluorocarbon, meticulously crafted in Japan. This process ensures a line that delivers in both suppleness and responsiveness, meeting the high standards of discerning anglers.
  • Low Visibility and High Tensile Strength: Engineered for low visibility to subtly blend with the underwater environment, this line remains discreet to the most cautious fish while providing the robust strength needed to handle the unexpected challenges of fishing.
  • Interlocking Spools for Effortless Organization: Our innovative spool design offers the ultimate in convenience, keeping your line organized and readily accessible, enhancing your overall fishing experience.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
John Rowe

I love this product I bought the 20LB and 25LB. I find this to be strong and flexible. This is the only leader line I’ve been using for the past two years and absolutely love it.

Daniel Fay
Strong line

I’ve used the 15 pound. Had a fish wrapped me around a lily pad and I was sure it was going to break. But it held up fine and actually broke the stems of the lily pads.

George "Robbie" Robinson
Exceptional product

I used the 20lb Opsin Fluorocarbon earlier this summer to catch back to back White Seabass 16lb and 18lb at the Coronado islands. These were my first White Seabass in 20 years.

Andrew Ratzky
Fast Free Shipping

Free shipping and free spool of 15 lb. with a handwritten note from the owner. I will continue to support Opsin!