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Opsin Fluorocarbon Leader Line - 130lb, 1.05mm, 25yd

Unlock the pinnacle of fishing line technology with Opsin Fluorocarbon, crafted for anglers who demand the best in power and precision. Engineered for elite performance:

  • 130lb Test Strength: Tackle the giants of the deep with confidence. Built to handle the most demanding fishing challenges, ensuring you're always ready for the fight.
  • 1.05mm Diameter: Designed for durability to withstand the toughest conditions when you are targeting big game fish.
  • Premium 25 Yards Length: Specifically tailored for heavy-duty fishing, providing enough line for the most critical applications.
  • Slow-Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: Experience the superior quality of our meticulously crafted fluorocarbon, offering unparalleled low visibility and high tensile strength for discreet yet powerful fishing.
  • Interlocking Spools: Stay organized and efficient on and off the water with our innovative spool design, ensuring your line is protected and ready when you need it.
  • Low Diameter and Supple: Engineered to be supple enough for strong knot strength, ensuring reliability in every hook set and fight.

Elevate Your Heavy-Duty Fishing: With Opsin Fluorocarbon, you're not just fishing; you're conquering the depths with the ultimate line in strength and discretion. Gear up with Opsin and prepare for your next PB!


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