180 lb, 1.41mm, 25yd



Step up your game with Opsin Fluorocarbon, the ultimate choice for anglers pursuing the thrill of landing the biggest game. Precision-engineered for peak performance:

  • 180lb Test Strength: Embrace the challenge of the deep with unmatched confidence. Our line is crafted to dominate the most formidable fishing battles, ensuring your readiness for the ultimate catch.
  • 1.33mm Diameter: Built with resilience to endure the harshest conditions while targeting colossal game fish.
  • Premium 25 Yards Length: Specially designed for the rigors of big game fishing, providing ample line for essential setups or critical re-rigs.
  • Slow-Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: Delve into the excellence of our carefully produced fluorocarbon, renowned for its superior low visibility and enhanced knot strength. The meticulous slow extrusion process reduces pitting and micro-cracks, leading to higher knot strength and ensuring stealth and reliability in every tie.
  • Interlocking Spools: Maintain peak organization and efficiency in all fishing scenarios with our innovative spool system, designed to keep your line secure and accessible whenever the moment strikes.
  • Advanced Features for Big Game: Tailored to provide the ultimate advantage in big game fishing, our line combines low visibility with exceptional strength and knot integrity, setting the stage for unparalleled performance.

Conquer Big Game Fishing: Opsin Fluorocarbon isn't just about fishing; it's about mastering the seas and achieving new personal bests. Equip yourself with Opsin and gear up for your next monumental catch!