30lb, .44mm


Discover the superior performance of Opsin Fluorocarbon, engineered for anglers who demand excellence in every aspect of their gear. Tailored for optimal performance:

  • 30lb Test Strength: Designed for the discerning angler, this line offers robust strength for confident fishing, capable of handling dynamic challenges and delivering consistent results.
  • .44mm Diameter: Strikes the perfect balance between formidable strength and subtle presentation, ensuring your line remains invisible to fish while providing the power needed for secure hooksets.
  • Choice of Lengths: Available in 50 and 25 yards to suit your fishing preferences and techniques, whether you're setting up for precision casting or extensive coverage.
  • Slow-Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: Our slow-extrusion process guarantees a line with minimal imperfections, boasting high tensile strength and low visibility in water. This meticulous craftsmanship ensures superior knot strength and reliability, making every tie count.
  • Interlocking Spools: Our innovative spool design simplifies storage and organization, ensuring your line remains tangle-free and ready for action, enhancing your fishing experience with convenience and efficiency.

Elevate Your Fishing Game with Opsin: Embrace the advantage of Opsin Fluorocarbon, where advanced technology meets angling artistry. Equip yourself with Opsin and navigate your fishing adventures with confidence and precision.

Customer Reviews

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Yosh Sakai
Did not get chance to use it due to late delivery

Next trip isn't till September

Wild Goose Fishing
Our go to line

We tie most of our set ups with 30lb and adjust accordingly based on how finicky the fish are. The 30lb gives us the confidence to land a larger fish and not deter a wiser one.


I used Monofilament and was Skunked. Next Trip, with Opsin Fluorocarbon, I caught the first Fish, with 33 other Fisherpeople.


This line made the difference on a tough fly line note for 30-40 lb BFT. I didn’t break any off and landed 10 and passed another 3 off. Great line. Much more flexible and than the seaguar blue and much stronger than gold


This line really made the difference on my last 3 day trip out of San Diego. I was the hot rod landing 12 Blue fin to 40 pounds and 4 yellow tail to 25