Fluorocarbon Leader Line 80 lb .77mm



Opsin proudly presents the 80 lb Fishing Line, a testament to our commitment to providing anglers with versatile, high-performance solutions. This line is not just about strength and durability; it's engineered for enhanced versatility in every angling scenario.

Enhanced Versatility for Every Angling Scenario:

  • Supple for Perfect Bait Presentation: This line's suppleness makes it ideal for presenting bait in the most natural and enticing way, crucial for tricking wary fish.
  • Exceptional with Sinker Rigs: Its robust nature is fantastic for sinker rig setups, efficiently getting your bait down to the depths where the big fish lurk.

Embrace the Opsin 80 lb Fishing Line as your secret weapon. Whether targeting the ocean's giants or pursuing the catch of a lifetime, this line assures that your bait presentation and depth targeting are on point, maximizing your chances of a successful catch.

Key Features of Our 80 lb Line:

  • Robust 80 lb Test Strength: Designed to handle the most formidable catches with ease.
  • Optimal .77 mm Diameter: Ensures low visibility while maintaining strength and durability.
  • Slow Extruded Japanese Fluorocarbon: A process that guarantees a line of exceptional quality and performance.
  • Ultra-Low Visibility and High Knot Strength: Perfect for stealthy presentations and securing strong, reliable knots.
  • Hand Spooled and Packaged in California: Reflecting our dedication to craftsmanship and quality control.
  • Interlocking Spools for Organizational Ease: Innovative spool design for convenient storage and access.
  • Available in 25 or 50 Yards: Catering to your specific fishing needs and styles.

Set off on your next fishing journey with the confidence that comes from using Opsin's 80 lb line. It's not just a fishing line; it's a key to unlocking new possibilities with every cast, enhancing both your bait presentation and depth targeting capabilities. With Opsin, every cast counts, and every catch brings you closer to your ultimate angling triumph.


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Jason Mcclanahan
Fluorocarbon and sweater

Owner responded to my order within 5 minutes of purchase. Couldn't ask for anything better.




Good solid fluoro! Love the magnetic spool!